A wide variety of water-specific web maps, applications, and services are being showcased from this Portal. DOW has compiled these maps as a service to our customers using information from various sources. DOW cannot ensure that the information is accurate, current or complete. Neither the information presented nor the maps themselves are official documents.

Portals, Viewers and Story Maps 2.0

Flood Hazard Map Portal

Flood Hazard Portal

The Flood Hazard Portal provides a source for all of the Commonwealth's floodplains. Use this application to view the floodplains throughout the State. In selected counties, you can also download the floodplain models used to create the floodplain elevations and determine the floodplain elevation at specific locations within the floodplain. Click here or on the map icon to enter the Flood Hazard Portal.
Water Health Portal

Water Health Portal

The Water Health Portal is a "one-stop-shop" for the all of the Commonwealth's water health information. Determine the status of surface water uses near your location from swimming to fishing to drinking water; connect to studies and reports on various streams; and identify Kentucky's "Outstanding State Resource Waters. Click here or the map icon to enter the Water Health Portal. NOTE: The Water Health Portal performs best when using one of these web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
Kentucky Watershed Viewer

KY Watershed Viewer

The Kentucky Watershed Viewer offers up a wide variety of information regarding the Commonwealth's Watersheds. Users are able to toggle on and off map layers to customize the map view. Data layers available include: River flow data, DOW KPDES Permitted Facility locations, water withdrawal sites, Karst trace flows, and much more. Click here or the map icon to go to open the Watershed Viewer.
Licking River Watershed Watch

Story Map Gallery

This gallery includes Kentucky Division of Water Story Map applications created with esri's arcgis.com templates. The Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection Information Section collaborated with the Division of Water to prepare the content for each application. Click here or on the Story Map Gallery icon to go to the Gallery.

HAB Viewer

The Kentucky Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Viewer provides the latest information on the status of HAB recreational health advisories in the Commonwealth. Advisories are based on potential public health risks from algal toxins found in Kentucky’s lakes and rivers. Click here or on the map icon to go to the HAB viewer.

Forestry - Special Use Waters

The Special Use Waters (For Forestry) Viewer provides information regarding waters of the Commonwealth with unique characteristics that affords them special protections. This application allows users, specifically the forestry industry, to determine the special use designation of the bordering or receiving waters to their area of interest, which can assist them in determining the proper buffer zones to prevent degradation of those waters. Click here or the map icon to open the application and learn more.
Drought Viewer

Drought Viewer

The Drought Viewer allows the public to see current drought conditions by county, and provides detailed information on the severity of drought conditions. Drought Action Levels are defined using both physical measures of climatic, hydrologic or agronomic factors and reported impacts and are used to determine the involvement by state agencies. Water Shortage Watches and Warnings are intended to encourage increased awareness by water supply managers and help local governments communicate the severity of the drought situation or that a critical water shortage is imminent.
KY Certified Well Driller WebApp

KY Certified Well Driller Webapp

The Kentucky Certified Will Driller Viewer allows interested parties to find contact information (based on business location) for a drilling company certified to operate in Kentucky. Click here or on the KY Certified Well Driller WebApp icon to go to see who is certified to operate in Kentucky.
Source Water Protection Viewer

Source Water Protection Viewer

The Source Water Protection Viewer was compiled as a service to the public and public water systems using information from a variety of sources. Data, information, reports and maps on this viewer are for informational purposes only and are subject to revision or correction at any time. The data, information, reports and maps are not official documents. THis viewer is not intended to be used for regulatory or other decision making purposes. Any visitor to this site uses it at their own risk.
Dam Inundation Viewer

Dam Inundation Viewer

The Kentucky Dam Inundation Area Viewer is designed to help property owners, local municipalities, and other interested stakeholders to determine if properties of interest may be impacted by the failure of a high hazard dam regulated by the Kentucky Division of Water. The viewer includes locations of regulated high hazard dams, modeled inundation areas, building footprints that fall within the inundation areas, and the FEMA National Flood Hazard 1% flood risk areas.
Special Waters Viewer

Special Waters Viewer

Special waters are waters listed in Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR) that are worthy of additional protection. The Special Waters Viewer provides information on waters with a higher designated use category (Cold Water Aquatic Habitat or Outstanding State Resource Water) as promulgated in 401 KAR 10:026 or with a higher antidegradation category (Outstanding National Resource Water or Exceptional Water) as promulgated in 401 KAR 10:030. Reference reach waters and waters that support federally-listed threatened or endangered species are also indicated. In addition, any candidate waters for the above categories are shown from the time of proposal until the promulgation process is complete. If no candidate waters are shown, then none are currently proposed. This viewer will assist the user in determining the additional criteria (401 KAR 10:031) or the antidegradation requirements (401 KAR 10:030) applicable to a special water of interest.
Well Information Viewer

Kentucky Well Information Map Viewer

This Kentucky Well Information Map Viewer is for use with DEP Uniform Kentucky Water/Monitoring Well Reporting Record..